These rules must be respected by all players.

I. Online pre-selection challenge

This website is the support of the pre-selection challenge for the final Capture The Flag event at European Cyber ​​Week in Rennes (see below). The pre-selection will take place from October 5 to October 20, 2019 for the final of November 21, 2019.


Qualifying Challenge:



II. Final Challenge on the spot (Rennes)

This regulation concerns the final of the challenge which will take place on November 21, 2019 from 10 am as part of the European Cyber ​​Week at the Jacobins convent in Rennes. This final round will consist of 12 teams of 4 candidates selected following the online preselection challenge.




Converging information circulating on the Dark Net suggests that groups of hackers are organizing to attack European port infrastructure.

Europol's intelligence services have alerted the directors of the main ports who, having massively used High Tech to manage their critical resources, are seeking to recruit teams of defenders to strengthen their infrastructures in terms of information systems, building management, access control and passenger / luggage, intrusion detection and CCTV.

In the face of this imminent threat, 12 teams of cyber defense specialists are selected and mobilized. Their goal: to try to thwart these attacks, to limit the consequences and to report the progress to the authorities.

You will start your mission directly connected inside the port operations center that you are defending. for this you will need:

Different information and related missions will be communicated to you as you progress.