European Cyber Week Capture The Flag 2021



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Airbus CyberSecurity is Europe's leading cyber player for the protection of highly sensitive networks and data. In keeping with our Securing Critical Business mission, we work with military structures, security organizations, public institutions, critical infrastructures and large corporations, and of course with our own group. We are the cyber partner of the European institutions and the only company providing sovereign security in France, Germany and England. Our security, encryption and control technologies are among the most advanced in the world.

With approximately 850 cyber professionals, we provide continuous cyber monitoring by our Security Operations Centers (SOC) and provide incident detection and response capability for all types of scenarios, including the most complex attacks (with a CSIRT team) dedicated). Our place in the front line of defense gives us a unique role to play in the rapidly changing digital environment, and makes us one of the most innovative cyber teams in Europe, with more than 22 research projects different. The extraordinary technological wealth of our group places our experts in front of extremely varied questions: how to protect the networks of an airport? How to automate the detection of polymorphic malware? And how to secure systems that will roll or fly in more than 10 years?

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Based in Rennes since 2007, AMOSSYS is a cybersecurity consulting and expertise company recognized by the highest state authorities; AMOSSYS is in particular the Information Technology Security Assesment Center (ITSEF) approved by the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI) and qualified Information Systems Security Audit Service Provider by ANSSI for national security needs (PASSI - LPM)

Our mission? Support our clients in securing their digital space by providing them with a comprehensive range of dedicated services: security audit, risk and compliance analysis / management, incident response and digital investigation, evaluation of CSPN or Common Criteria security products, defensive computer fight...

We thus work on highly technical projects for clients from various sectors (energy, transport, banking, health, etc.) and with very diverse use cases (artificial intelligence, IoT, embedded systems, smart cities, etc.).

AMOSSYS had the joy of winning the first prize in the Cyber Challenge at the 2020 edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum and the IA & Cyber Challenge during European Cyber Week 2020 for its HoneyPot BEEZH Platform solution. Two consecutive victories which today demonstrate the know-how and capacity for innovation of its teams in the area of cyberattack detection.

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Founded in 2002, DIATEAM is an indie French software research and development company specializing in cyber security and innovative information systems.

As a pioneer in the field of Cyber Ranges, virtualisation and simulation platforms, DIATEAM has always anticipated the need, for the benefit of its most demanding customers in Europe and worldwide, notably with its Hybrid Cyber Range.

DIATEAM's expertise and its innovation capacity already make DIATEAM the cyber sparing partner of choice for major companies, governmental defence entities, academia and industry, in particular for Operators of Vital Importance.

The range of solutions developed by DIATEAM adresses all cybersecurity challenges: analyze, practice, understand.

Recognized for its know-how, DIATEAM is a key player on the global market for cyber training platforms and the prototyping of cyber infrastructures.

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Thales is the European leader in cyber security and the world leader in data protection. Thales is at the heart of the digital transformation of society, responding to the entire information security lifecycle. Its 5000 cyber security specialists meet the most stringent requirements of its public and private clients, including operators of vital importance in terms of securing information systems and protecting data. We count more than ever on Thales in the decisive moments. The solutions proposed by Thales protect the integrity of technologies that move the world forward by staying ahead of all forms of digital threat. Whatever the issue.

More than twenty professions in the field of cyber-security are represented at Thales and accessible from school leaving, pursuing a predominantly technical curriculum (system security engineers, experts in cryptology, developers of solutions and products to state of the art, pentesters, researchers, etc.) or predominantly functional (consultant, project manager, risk analyst in charge of intelligence of the threat, etc.). Thales is also involved in cyber threat screening, intrusion detection, security oversight, and has the capability to deploy a Rapid Response Force in the event of an incident. The enhancement of profiles is fully assured thanks to Thales's strong innovation capabilities.

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